Out in the Prairie where the wildflowers grow and the song of the birds like melody flows, there's a peace God bestows that brings joy to the soul...

out in the Prairie where the wildflowers grow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Collage page, Infinity Necklace/Scarves & Spring is in the Air

Spring is really in the Air today, I saw 3 Red Winged Blackbirds on my feeder, and thats a sure sign spring is very close-Love It).
Made another page in my new book that will include all Mary Green/s Challenges until it's full.

Have a new Craft Sale comming up here and am trying my hand at Infinity Necklaces/Scarves. These are not as thick as most you see. I think for the upcomming seasons the thinner ones with a little bit of Bling might be kinda cool.

Hope I have some luck with them (I like the way they look). Any Imput would be welcome Good or Bad!!!.

 That's it for now.
Smiles, Carol Mae

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