Out in the Prairie where the wildflowers grow and the song of the birds like melody flows, there's a peace God bestows that brings joy to the soul...

out in the Prairie where the wildflowers grow.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


A special Sunshine Award from sweet friend Kymberly. This was a very nice surprise, totaly unexpected. Kymberly is such a sweet friend and hopefully someday I'll get to meet her. Thanks much, Kym. It may take me a while to pass this on to six other lovely ladies, as these are the rules to this award.  There are so many sweet blogs and friends I 'm not sure where to start.

A wonderful weekend dear friends, Hugs, Carol Mae


  1. Congrats Carol Mae! They're an honer to receive, but too hard to pass on....
    Have a great weekend and make sure to come over and enter the giveaway for this week...today and tomorrow!
    Take care

  2. Hi Carol Mae. Congratulations on your award from Kymberly. I was also a part of her 6 and just had to come visit you other girls. Kymberly is such a sweetheart, isn't she? I also saw that you stopped by and became a new follower of mine. Thank you. I hope that we'll get to know each other and become good friends too. I love your blog too and look forward to visiting your other one and your Etsy shop. Love all the pretty white things you've found lately. It's so hard to part with them when you find them. I'm always hoping I find something wonderful to sell but then I like it too much to want to let go of it. Ha-ha.

    Have a beautiful Sunday. Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. G'eve Carol ~ Thank you for joining me for a visit. Love your paper wreaths ... they are quite unique & very attractive. I hope we will spend many more wonderful visits together.

    Happy St Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon